out of memory

Vojta Filip vojta at kolej.mff.cuni.cz
Sun Jan 10 02:47:13 PST 1999

Moses DeJong wrote:
> I remember reading something to the effect of "space for an
> OutOfMemoryException exception must be allocated when the
> JVM is created so that the exception can be thrown when
> no more memory can be allocated" in the JDK docs. It seems
> like preallocating the Exception is a requirement and not
> just a good idea.

But if OutOfMemoryException is thrown in more threads in the second
thread exception cannot be allocated. Is solution preallocate
OutOfMemoryException per thread? Probably not - when I catch
OutOfMemoryException and in my action another OutOfMemoryException is
thrown (is it posible?) JVM must allocate new OutOfMemoryException...

Maybe that is imposible - I don't know kaffe inside enough.


> I hope that helps
> mo dejong

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