autoconf (was: Re: portability questions)

Raffaele Sena raff at
Sun Jan 10 13:09:29 PST 1999

On 11 Jan 1999, Alexandre Oliva wrote:

> autoconf couldn't have complained about it, only autoheader could, and
> only if you do have autoheader from autoconf 2.12.2 or 2.13.  If not,

	It was autoheader indeed. And I'm using autoheader/autoconf 2.14
	(from CVS)

> > 	The change (deducted from one of the automake tests) made it
> > 	working.
> This can't have affected anything at all.  The best it may have done
> is to force auto*-generated file to be rebuild, rebuilding any other
> file that had been previously broken.
	I guess in some way "fixed" 'configure' or something else
	around there, because now everything is working fine, even
	without the change.

	One more thing: you added checks for autoconf 2.12 and 2.13.
	Shouldn't you add 2.14 too ? Now I'm getting a warning:
		2.14, too old, not using

	And finally (completely unrelated - well, maybe not): 
	The generated Makefile in libltdl has the following targets
	and macros (not in the right order) :

	  all: Makefile $(LTLIBRARIES) $(HEADERS)

	  noinst_LTLIBRARIES =

	When executed it simply does nothing (since lib_LTLIBRARIES is
	empty) and Kaffe does not build. I manually changed LTLIBRARIES
	to be:


	and that makes the build complete. Of course this is not the
	right fix (and I have to do it every time I reconfigure kaffe ):

	I'm testing all this on NetWinder (ARM/Linux). I don't think
	it should matter since the configuration uses standard programs
	(unless this libltdl is not used on Linux/x86 - now I'll go and


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