unix-internal anybody?

Jeppe Sommer jso at lyngso-industri.dk
Sun Jan 10 23:51:36 PST 1999

Godmar Back writes:

QNX 4 doesn't support ITIMER_VIRTUAL timers, and consequently cannot
use jthreads as is. Would it be possible to let jthreads default to
non-preemptive scheduling when ITIMER_VIRTUAL is not defined? In that
case QNX 4 could use jthreads. 


 >  Is anybody still relying on the old, non-preemptive internal threading
 > system (i.e. you configure with --with-threads=unix-internal)?
 > This would be the case for systems that do not provide support for
 > asynchronous/non-blocking I/O.
 > It will be nuked soon from the CVS repository.  However, if people depend
 > on the ability to use kaffe on systems that do not provide support for
 > asynchronous I/O, we could integrate this ability in the unix-jthreads code.
 > 	- Godmar

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