PalmIII Port ? (fwd)

Michael Koehne kraehe at
Mon Jan 11 06:27:45 PST 1999

Moin Jean-Baptiste Bugeaud,

> I'm personnaly interested in porting a "real" VM for the PalmOS, because i
> do think such a portable device will be very interresting !

  Problems: Kaffe uses much of memory - PalmPilot has'nt so much.

> What i know about PalmIII is that there is a GCC for it !

  It could be possible to port kaffe, with own threads, without just
  in time compilier, without X to the Pilot. But last time I've tried
  to configure Kaffe for crosscompilation (Linux->Sun3) I failed in
  that attempt, as Kaffe's aufoconfig is not prepared for crosscompiling.

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