cross compilation (Re: PalmIII Port ? (fwd))

Kiyo Inaba inaba at
Mon Jan 11 09:30:10 PST 1999

>  to configure Kaffe for crosscompilation (Linux->Sun3) I failed in
>  that attempt, as Kaffe's aufoconfig is not prepared for crosscompiling.

Partially you are right.
But, there are many people making Kaffe under cross compilation
environment. For example, I made Kaffe for the m68k/netbsd on sunos4/sparc.
What you have to do is explicitly specifying Host when you configure.
If you see config.frag in m68k/netbsd you can find some other magic
for byte order or data type length.

BTW, Sun3 is a special case. Since the latest binutil for a.out
can not link Kaffe. I've reported this bug but I don't think the
problem was fixed.


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