Warning, Idiotic question following:

Horace Easterwood jsolomon at herbie.unl.edu
Mon Jan 11 18:30:51 PST 1999

Are there any installation faq's for Kaffe?  I downloaded the Linux i386 
rpm version of Kaffe, I set my classpath the best I know how-- 
/usr/lib/kaffe:/usr/share/kaffe-- and the !@#$%%^ thing still won't even 
compile "Hello World".  It complains about can't find/link 
helloworld.class.  I even cut and pasted the program from a java 
HelloWorld that compiles on CodeWarrior's JDK on the PowerMac.  No dice.  
BTW, I am running linux on a pentium, not the powermac.

Jared Solomon G.W.S.S.
23 LL Nebraska Union
Lincoln, NE 68588-0459

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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