Another fix for libltdl

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Wed Jan 13 01:02:45 PST 1999

On Jan 12, 1999, Raffaele Sena <raff at> wrote:

> 	BTW, this means when I create a native library I have to know
> 	that you are using libtool, and this may not be true if I got
> 	a preinstalled kaffe binary and I don't have access to the sources
> 	(or I'm too lazy to read the documentation :)

Correct.  We should probably fix this in libltdl or Kaffe, by
arranging that they looks for a library with the platform-dependent
suffix if a .la file cannot be found.

> 	Another alternative could be to distribute a script that builds
> 	the native library from the C file(s) (so I don't have to figure
> 	out all the right compiler/linker flags to build the library).

Or to write a script that creates a .la file out of an
.so/.dll/.whatever file, like this:

old_library='libname.a' # this may not be needed
dependency_libs='' # this may not be needed

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