A file system for organising java stuff ?

Dimitris Vyzovitis poincare at the.forthnet.gr
Mon Jan 18 10:03:13 PST 1999

"J.P.Lewis" wrote:

> An additional thought:
> Suppose one writes a control panel or system utility
> using java. Conventionally this should be installed in
> /usr/bin or /usr/sbin.
> - Linux has the kernel facility that launches a .class path
>   when it's name is typed.  So one could install the .class
>   in /usr/bin.  One could install all the needed files for
>   the program (including icons) into the .jar.  The kernel
>   java launching should be able to launch a .jar file rather
>   than just a .class file, setting the CLASSPATH to the jar.

Sorry for going astray, but I think that the kernell is unable to invoke
classes that lie deep in a package structure. i.e., the classes have to be
deafult package classes in order to be able to call them directly.

For example. if you have a class named my_class in a package my_package,
you are unable to invoke it by writing my_package.my_class in your shell.
However, if you have your classes in the default package (no package...)
you can invoke it directly.

Isn't this an issue that should be resolved? (Or has it been already?)


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