A file system for organising java stuff ?

Brian Jones cbj at nortel.net
Mon Jan 18 10:15:53 PST 1999

Dimitris Vyzovitis <poincare at the.forthnet.gr> writes:

> Sorry for going astray, but I think that the kernell is unable to invoke
> classes that lie deep in a package structure. i.e., the classes have to be
> deafult package classes in order to be able to call them directly.
> For example. if you have a class named my_class in a package my_package,
> you are unable to invoke it by writing my_package.my_class in your shell.
> However, if you have your classes in the default package (no package...)
> you can invoke it directly.
> Isn't this an issue that should be resolved? (Or has it been already?)

If it is an issue you feel you can resolve, patch the Linux kernel and
submit the changes.

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