A file system for organising java stuff ?

Bill Garrett defender at circle-path.org
Mon Jan 18 11:05:20 PST 1999

On 18 Jan 1999, Brian Jones wrote:
> If it is an issue you feel you can resolve, patch the Linux kernel and
> submit the changes.

It seems you could write a modified NFS server that offers the contents of a
class or jar file as part of the filesystem.. if you mounted this at /java,
you could just run /java/mypackage/myclass.class to execute your program.
This seems like a somewhat easier goal to reach than a full patch of the Linux
kernel.. it's not perfect though, at least not for the stated goal.  But it
does add the ability to share a single set of classes across a network of
computers without excessive duplication.

Wouldn't a modification to bash/sh/csh be more appropriate?  Provided that
your programs use system(), 'sh -c command', etc. instead of directly trying
to exec*() a file, it'd work.

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