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John Berg John.Berg at
Tue Jan 26 06:38:57 PST 1999

I've been trying to add some output information about memory allocation in
kaffe but I'm having a problem getting up and running.  I've added some code
to the gc-mem.c file but when I run the HelloWorldApp I'm not seeing
anything output.  I'm assuming at this point it's not using my changed
libraries so I figured that I didn't have my LD_LIBRARY_PATH set up
correctly but after changing this to point to the kaffevm directory it still
didn't work.  Are there other environment variables like this I need to set
to get to my newly recompiled libraries or is there another directory I need
to add to this variable?

Maybe a better question is that if I change some code in the VM and remake
what are the changed files?  I see that libraries in the kaffvm directory
get updated but is there anything else I should be looking for?

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