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John Berg John.Berg at
Tue Jan 26 08:04:00 PST 1999

I'm using build 1.0.b3 running on Linux.  

I realize the DBG macros do some of this already but I need more information
on all cache accesses rather than just amount of memory allocated, etc.

I've just been playing with this for a couple of days so I'm just trying to
find my way around at this point.  Everything seems to build fine but I'm
not seeing any of my output so I figure it a path problem with
LD_LIBRARY_PATH but that's only a guess at this point.


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> > 
> > I've been trying to add some output information about memory allocation
> in
> > kaffe but I'm having a problem getting up and running.  I've added some
> code
> > to the gc-mem.c file but when I run the HelloWorldApp I'm not seeing
> > anything output.  I'm assuming at this point it's not using my changed
> > libraries so I figured that I didn't have my LD_LIBRARY_PATH set up
> > correctly but after changing this to point to the kaffevm directory it
> still
> > didn't work.  Are there other environment variables like this I need to
> set
> > to get to my newly recompiled libraries or is there another directory I
> need
> > to add to this variable?
> > 
> > Maybe a better question is that if I change some code in the VM and
> remake
> > what are the changed files?  I see that libraries in the kaffvm
> directory
> > get updated but is there anything else I should be looking for?
> > 
> > 
> You didn't mention which version of kaffe you're using.
> If you use the current CVS version, you shouldn't have to do anything.
> Simply "gmake all install" and run $install_dir/bin/kaffe.
> Yes, you do need GNU make these days :(
> Also, note the "DBG" macros --- they may already do some of what you want.
> 	- Godmar

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