Memory profile

Maxim Kizub max at
Tue Jan 26 09:56:29 PST 1999

I think this will not help.

I'm looking for memory leaks, and they unlikely
in _java_ objects. If they exists, they must be in
memory that is explicitly allocated and freed.
I need a pointer in raw memory blocks...
But I can't understant how gc_unit and gc_block
are allocated and used...
I understand, that peoples may have no time
to describe GC structure or code-generator
macroses, but this means that everyone
who wish to port/bugfix kaffe will spend
10 to 100 times more time.

I tryed "-mx 64M". This does not help...
And the memory really used, since I have 64m ram,
and I can hear HDD swopping with no others
programs running.

Godmar Back wrote:
>  You could put it for instance in the header of java_lang_Object after
> the dispatch table.
> I'll commit two more functions to the gc interface shortly, one
> to get an object's index and one to pretty-print it.  They may be
> useful for you.
> Using these functions to add a verbose heap walk would be a
> really nice thing to have...
> Also, what does -verbosemem show and what -ms/-mx switches do you use?
>         - Godmar
> >
> > Hello.
> >
> > I wish to make a simple memory profiling.
> > I have redefined interface to GC to send
> > function name of memory allocator.
> > I keep count of allocated memory by each
> > source, but I need to substitute
> > freed memory. So, I need to put a pointer
> > to allocator in each piece of allocated
> > memory, find out allocator at gcFree (?)
> > and decrease the total counter for
> > this allocator...
> >
> > The question is - in which structure
> > I should put this pointer?
> >
> > I tryed gc_unit, but it does not work...
> >
> > Where should I put it???
> >
> > PS I can't debug my compiler, it takes
> > 64Mb memory again! It's impossible
> > to work...
> >
> >

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