Compiler issue...

Alex Nicolaou anicolao at
Tue Jan 26 10:39:14 PST 1999

Archie Cobbs wrote:
> I think arithmetic on void pointers is easily handled with typecasts.
> Zero length arrays can often be changed to length 1 arrays and the
> corresponding code modified (within #ifndef __GNUC__ of course).
> If you have reasonable patches that make kaffe more ANSI-friendly
> we can commit them.
> As for assembler code, that's a harder problem.
> What is the possibility of getting gcc for your target platform?

Perhaps it is worth considering gcc -ansi -pedantic as the standard
command line options for gcc. Some of these problems would be minimized.

By placing all assembler code that's inlined as part of kaffe with
macros inside #ifdef __GNUC__ ... #else #error need to implement asm for
XXX #endif that problem can be pushed onto the person doing the porting.


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