Peter Mehlitz peter at
Wed Jan 27 22:15:20 PST 1999

Well, I guess I have to jump in here.. It's true that I still use a modified
version of biss-jde, and therefore the biss-awt widgets. However, both Joerg
and I haven't worked on biss-awt since almost a year now. That's not too bad -
using it for such a long time without having to fix something (on both Linux
and Windows).

The reason why we had to abandon biss-awt dev. is a legal one (we aren't
employed by BISS anymore, who owns this).

The event model isn't that different (1.1 is also a modified Observer
pattern), it just uses a single Observer type. That makes it a bit more
difficult in the Observer (might be a long "switch"-like struct), but easier
on the Observable side. And it is much easier to deal with in tools (like the
Designer). I uploaded some tech docu (ps file) about 1.5 years ago.

-- Peter

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