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biss-awt is an excellent GUI framework. Its home page has been accessed more
than 52k times. So why just they stop supporting it? Is it possible for some
other guys to carry it on? Despite Javabeans use Eventlistener as dispatch
methond, is it more advanced than observersocket? Sorry for these annoying
question. I just got to know both kaffe and biss-awt. For their free spirit
and elegant. I love them.


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> Since biss-awt and kaffe were vaguely linked in the past this is very
> vaguely on topic or quite probably off-topic :-)
> Anyways there hasn't been much happening with biss for a while.  One of
> the guys from the company which created sent out a message on the biss
> maillist awhile back asking if poeple were using it/still interested,
> but there wasn't much feedback. 
> I was really excited when I first came across it (more than a year ago
> now I think) but unfortunately I never managed to get the hang of using
> it, as it's event model of using observer/observable "sockets" was quite
> a different to the 1.1 listener model and I gave up trying to keep both
> in my head at the same time.  However, the demo apps that came with it
> were the most impressive, the development environment JDE is the best I
> have come across - its what you could call a "structured editor" I guess
> (the people at transvirtual working on kaffe use a modified version I
> think).  Overall it's quite a nice toolkit, but it just turned out that
> on a personal level it wasn't for me and it seems to work well with even
> the latest versions of kaffe (to keeps this somewhat relevant).
> There are a number of free gui java toolkits I've seen on the net, one
> that I'm using now is called dogui
> (, it has the l&f of the swing
> metal l&f, though it works like the awt.  At the moment it works fine
> with kaffe except for one problem with the list/tree component &
> resourcebundles (and I think this can be fixed by using classpath
> resourcebundle related classes - I need to look into this some more). 
> Doggui seems to be still being developed by the author - a new version
> was just released and my emails to the author got quick replies.  At the
> moment I'm using dogui to make a pale imitation of the biss-JDE (with
> some personal preferences of my own built in) and works well with the
> JDK1.1.7 and mostly with kaffe (minus the above bug).
> Hope that helps.
> Maksim.
> Fan Howard-W12211 wrote:
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> > hi all,
> > 
> > Is biss-awt still alive? Is it the best GUI framework to use for free?
> Maybe
> > it's not right to ask it in this mailling list. I'm sure there're
> > knowledgable guy around here. Please help.
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Fan
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