sysdepCallMethod ??

Hideki Naoi (Socrates-Pedro) hideki at
Fri Jul 9 03:44:07 PDT 1999


We are trying to port Kaffe to a Power PC MPC860 with pSOS+. We already
know that
it exists a port for the Power PC, but with another O.S. : does it work

We have problems with the sysdepCallMethod(), there is no "common.h"
file for the
Power PC, so we are actually working with the 68000 one, but it seems
that it is not
compatible. Do we have to rewrite the sysdepCallMethod() with the Power
assembler ?

Thank you,

Hideki NAOI

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Hideki Naoi                         e-mail : hideki at
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36200-VIGO (Spain)

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