John Summerfield summer at OS2.ami.com.au
Sat Jul 10 04:46:46 PDT 1999

I have to say, I do not like the look of what /usr/bin/report-kaffe-bug 
did here, and the lack of a man page for send-pr isn't very encouraging 

I've been using the blackdown JDK on RHL 5.x, and thought to check out 
kaffe-1.0.b4-2 which ships with RHL 6.0.

Unfortunately, it failed the first test: I use the jre command extensively 
and there isn't one included.

Note too: it's necessary to set CLASSPATH to secify any libraries that do 
not ship with kaffe: swing, a user's own collection being obvious examples.

I read /usr/doc/kaffe-1.0.b4/README which says:
Running Kaffe

No environment configuration is necessary to run kaffe.  However, you may 
want to include the directory in which kaffe is installed in your path.  
Typically, this would be /usr/local/bin:


All necessary setup is taken care of by `kaffe' (note the lower case),
which is actually a driver shell script for the `Kaffe' executable.

Note that you don't have to setup the CLASSPATH - if you do then that's
fine, but if you don't kaffe will construct a classpath that has the
current directory plus the Jar and Zip files it needs to run.  For the 
details of how the CLASSPATH is set up, refer to kaffe/scripts/kaffe.in.

If you want to test the kaffe executable you built, type
"make all install", and type "make check".  This will run a suite of 
tests to check that your Kaffe executable is in fact working.

Unfortunately, I have no kaffe/scripts/kaffe.in.

IOW, the documentation that I have isn't sufficient for my needs.

John Summerfield
http://os2.ami.com.au/os2/ for OS/2 support.
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