Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Sun Jul 11 13:07:42 PDT 1999

> I have to say, I do not like the look of what /usr/bin/report-kaffe-bug 
> did here, and the lack of a man page for send-pr isn't very encouraging 
> either.

report-kaffe-bug isn't used anymore.
The jitterbug database is the way to submit bugs.
We really need to get rid of it.

> I've been using the blackdown JDK on RHL 5.x, and thought to check out 
> kaffe-1.0.b4-2 which ships with RHL 6.0.
> Unfortunately, it failed the first test: I use the jre command extensively 
> and there isn't one included.

Hmmm, jre.  That's sun's stripped down runtime environment, isn't it?

	alias jre kaffe

not work?  If there's more to it, we can provide a jre command.

> Note too: it's necessary to set CLASSPATH to secify any libraries that do 
> not ship with kaffe: swing, a user's own collection being obvious examples.

You have to do that with Sun's JDK too, don't you?

Btw, kaffe will pick all jar files you put in /usr/share/kaffe
(or in general, $prefix/share/kaffe).  So if you want kaffe to find Swing,
put the swing.jar file in this directory.

	- Godmar

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