Classpath and Kaffe

Duncan W. McQueen mcqueen at
Tue Jul 13 16:42:14 PDT 1999

But I am concerned with the GPL Kaffe.  Is it unfeasible to attempt a 
merge of what Classpath has done into Klasses.jar??

>Duncan W. McQueen writes:
>> Is there any work or synchronization between Classpath and Kaffe?  
>Not really.
>> Are there things implemented in Classpath that aren't in Kaffe, and 
>> same in reverse?
>Probably (I don't know what's currently implemented in Classpath).
>You could argue that the root of the problem is that Sun never
>fully spec'd the JVM, because they didn't specify what the native
>methods are (eg, in java.lang.Thread  So Classpath and
>kaffe's "JVM API" are different.
>More to the point, they were started as separate projects, and like
>most separate projects, there hasn't been a lot of spontaneous
>communication or coordination.
>Plus, TVT needs to own the copyright to any files they sell to
>customers in the custom edition. So unless Classpath was willing
>to grant this right, TVT would have to rewrite everything anyway.
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