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Tue Jul 13 19:21:00 PDT 1999


If you thinhk that scry you should see what Sun is saying in the Sun v. M$
in court.


On Tue, 13 Jul 1999, Archie Cobbs wrote:

> Tim Wilkinson writes:
> > Just to keep you informed, we just signed a customer who wants RMI
> > implemented so we'll be spending some time on the RMI implementaiton
> > pretty soon to bring NinjaRMI upto the Sun spec. (at least that in the 1.1
> > at anyrate).
> Cool.. and also cool to hear about fortunately Sun has
> documented the security stuff pretty well.
> > Also, has anyone got a legal opinion of using the 1.2 spec form Sun to
> > write an independent implementation of the 1.2 additions?  I've just
> > ordered the latest spec book from A&W and I'll see what that says but I
> > believe it's legally scary.
> Hmm.. I'm no lawyer, but that seems far-fetched.. you might even
> be able to get from Sun a letter to the effect that "It's OK to
> implement the Sun spec", because after all this is what they're
> claiming they want people to do, being "open" and all.
> Then if they refuse, raise hell and tell the whole world.
> -Archie
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