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Archie Cobbs archie at
Tue Jul 13 19:05:59 PDT 1999

Tim Wilkinson writes:
> Just to keep you informed, we just signed a customer who wants RMI
> implemented so we'll be spending some time on the RMI implementaiton
> pretty soon to bring NinjaRMI upto the Sun spec. (at least that in the 1.1
> at anyrate).

Cool.. and also cool to hear about fortunately Sun has
documented the security stuff pretty well.

> Also, has anyone got a legal opinion of using the 1.2 spec form Sun to
> write an independent implementation of the 1.2 additions?  I've just
> ordered the latest spec book from A&W and I'll see what that says but I
> believe it's legally scary.

Hmm.. I'm no lawyer, but that seems far-fetched.. you might even
be able to get from Sun a letter to the effect that "It's OK to
implement the Sun spec", because after all this is what they're
claiming they want people to do, being "open" and all.

Then if they refuse, raise hell and tell the whole world.


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