About Kaffe's romizing version.

Lee Dong Yul lomen at cselab.snu.ac.kr
Sun Jul 25 20:33:40 PDT 1999

Am I wrong?

I don't read Sun's Community Source License.

At first, I think that Kaffe with romizing method is my master program paper.

But My professor argues  that this main subject is not suitable for my paper.

So, I am searching the other subject for my master program paper.

BTW, What I wanna know  is below.

Transvirtual Company makes Kaffe from scratch.

I'll make Kaffe with romizing method from scratch.

'From scratch' means that I'll never review JavaCodeCompact class libraries

Personal Java source code is reviewed by me, because I am porting P.J. on the
other platform.

Hmm.... Does this violate Kaffe's clean room? and Sun's license policy?

So, my plan is stopped now. --;;

Tim Wilkinson wrote:

> Lee,
> Unfortuantely by downloading Sun's source code you can no longer
> contribute to Kaffe since this would violate our clean-room.  It's a
> great pity - Sun provides source code and everyone who agrees to the
> wonderful Community Source License instantly stops them working on
> anyone elses Java implementations, either a freeware project such as
> Kaffe or on a commerical one.
> Tim

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