FSBO: mySQL jdbc fix

Kit McCormick ktm at gims.net
Mon Jul 26 20:47:25 PDT 1999

For Sale By Owner (will trade for working jar util): mySQL JDBC fix.

Kaffe does not work & play well with the current (1.2b) mm JDBC driver for
mySQL.  I added a wee bit of code to EscapeProcessor.java (~line 65):

        /*          * Short circuit this code if we don't have a matching pair of          
                     * "{}". - Suggested by Ryan Gustafason          
      int begin_brace = SQL.indexOf("{");         
      if (begin_brace < 0)  
         return SQL;
      int next_end_brace = SQL.indexOf("}",begin_brace); 
      if (next_end_brace < 0)
         return SQL; 

I don't remember which trap I added; i think the 2nd.  
Anyway, without both traps, kaffe barfs downstream. 

Now, inspired by this very generous gift from yours truly, perhaps
somebody will cough up a working jar utility...

/* kaffe, jserv on a Cobalt RaQ - It can be done! */

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