borrowing parts form Kaffe?

Archie Cobbs archie at
Mon Jul 26 14:14:24 PDT 1999

golubovsky at writes:
> Is it possible (from various positions) to borrow parts from Kaffe to use in
> another projects?
> Currently I'm experimenting with creation a whole Java-oriented (with minimal
> amount of native code) environment for Linux kernel (this goal is similar to
> the goal of one of the JOS project's branches but with different approach).
> Probably bytecode interpreter will be written from the scratch. But I'd like
> to borrow the Java part (java.* packages) from some external source and apply
> some modifications to it. I cannot do this with Sun's JDK in order not to
> violate their license, but Kaffe sources are GPLed.
> I understand that GPLedness of Kaffe sources allows me to borrow them for
> using in my project if it is also GPLed (I plan to do so). I'd like to know
> the opinion of Kaffe team people. Of course I'm not going to replace
> authorship information (just add some lines about my modifications).

As long as you abide by the GPL license terms under which kaffe is
distributed, you can do whatever you want to with it..

Sounds like an interesting project!!


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