building glibc for Linux on SA1100

Jules Bean jmlb2 at
Mon Mar 1 01:43:14 PST 1999

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, loh york hong, brennon wrote:

> hi all,
> While compiling Kaffe (for Linux on SA1100) I realise I need glibc.
> I am compiling for a.out format in a cross-platfrom environment
> Host : Intel Pentium II
>        Linux (RedHat v5.2)
> Target : SA1100
>          Linux (kernel v2.0.35)
> I have got glibc (v2.1) source ready, my cross-compiler and linker is ready,
> but after configuring and "making" glibc numerous times, I realise my Linux
> kernel (v2.0.35) may need some more patches.  ( I have ready applied
> patch-arm-2.0.35-1998_09_14.gz and diff-brutus-2_0_35_8.gz patches)
> Does anyone know specifically which other patches are required for the kernel ??

I know nothing about ARM-linux.

However, I do know that debian have an ARM port which works on the
netwinder.  I assume this contains a glibc version.  You can reach the arm
team on debian-arm at

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