Linux-m68k test results

Malcolm Walker csut9832 at
Mon Mar 1 23:22:36 PST 1999

Test results are trickling in while I can run them.

Machine: Mac SE/30 (m68030) running Debian Linux 2.0
         8 megs RAM, 20MB swap, and nothing else to do

-InternHog actually DOES work, it just takes an hour (no lie!) to run. 
So my Failure List is: (...SKIPPED, native methods are not available) (pizza warnings for lines 111 & 146: 
                   function stop() in class java.lang.Thread has
                   been deprecated
                -Test 4 within ThreadStop failed. (stop done thread)) (couldn't find one of the classes...?)

All for now... I should have more info on the first 4 fails tomorrow when
I can rebuild them and grab the output.


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