file errors under win32-cygnus

Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Sun Mar 14 02:12:11 PST 1999

On Mar  1, 1999, Taura Kenjiro <tau at> wrote:

> (1) First of all, edit config.guess so that it returns i386-pc-cygwin32
> 								    ^^^^
> instead of i386-pc-cygwin32.

Do you mean cygwin32 or cygwin?

> (2) There are several places in source at which they think the
> directory separator is '\' instead of ':'.  They are:

> 	include/system.h
> 	kaffe/kaffeh/support.c

> Search 'PATHSEP' and fix them.

That's weird.  The configure script is supposed to extract this
information from system.h.  What are ac_cv_kaffe_pathsep and
ac_cv_kaffe_dirsep defined to in config.cache?

> (3) I had a trouble with libtool. The configure tries to build shared
> library, but make fails when it builds libnative.a.  At the moment, I
> simply do this:

> 	configure --disable-shared ...

Could you please provide more detail about the failure?

> As a general comment, it is very common that programs written MSWIN32
> environments in mind assume that the directory separator is '\'. This
> is not correct under cygwin32.

AFAIK, both `\\'  and `/' should work on cygwin, and Kaffe will use
MS-Windows' standard conventions, i.e., `\\' as directory separator
and `;' as path separator.

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