[kaffe announce] new www.kaffe.org site and call for volunteers

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Mon Mar 1 23:57:21 PST 1999


The Kaffe Core Team would like to point you at the new www.kaffe.org site.
This new site will serve as a resource for Kaffe users and developers.
Here is a brief summary of what you can already find there, we plan to 
add more in the future.

+ A FAQ for developers.  This FAQ describes Kaffe's development model,
  and gives some technical information about developing and debugging 

+ A licensing FAQ.  This FAQ answers some of the questions that keep
  coming up about Kaffe's GPL license.

+ A short porting guide.

+ A port database that will list ports as they have been verified by users.

+ An application database that will list applications that run under Kaffe.

+ READMEs for building and CVS access.  We will put more FAQs up.

+ Related projects and information about the "Core Team".

We are looking into putting up a bug tracking system such as gnats and
a CVS-webified version of the kaffe source tree.
Feedback on and contributions to these pages are very welcome!

May I take this occasion to call for volunteers.  You can volunteer for
Kaffe by doing any or all of the following:

+ develop it.  The developer FAQ lists a series of significant projects 
  that can make Kaffe faster and more useful.
+ test your applications or applets under Kaffe.
+ port Kaffe to new platforms.

We are currently preparing a new beta release (1.0b4) that will finally
replace the botched 1.0b3 release.  In order for this release to be as
robust as possible, we would be particularly interested in people who
would volunteer to build and test Kaffe on the platform on which they 
want to see Kaffe run.  This task may involve testing prereleases and
building binaries for these platforms, if possible.

Secondly, and equally important, we are interested in people who have
a particular interest in seeing a given application supported.  It would
be nice if these people would volunteer to test these applications with
one or a couple of prerelease(s) so that the final release will run
their application.

Thank you,

	- The Kaffe Core Team

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