kaffe hungs (code attached)

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Tue Mar 2 12:07:51 PST 1999

> >
> > Kaffe 1.0b3 doesn't really hang on this test, it just takes a very long time.
> > The reason was that the long array for the BitSet was grown bit by bit, so
> > the test ended up being a gc stress test as lots and lots of long arrays had
> > to be created and discarded.
> Right.
> I think I just wasn't patient enough for it ;-}.
> I don't know how, but it took more than 7 mins in my PII/350/256M machine
> Anyway, I suspect that the BitSet implementation needs some (err... make that a
> lot) optimization/tweaking.

I did that already in the current CVS, as I said in my last mail.
It should finish in about 21 seconds on your machine now.

> In principal (at lest for normal applications), kaffe is at least as good as
> sun's jdk (and I bet it will be better in the future, although blackdown does
> really *good* job in porting).
> A minor problem, is that it doesn't support some deprecated 1.1 features, which
> breaks applications that rely on older code (e.g. from personal experience,
> awt.TextArea.appendText is not supported).
> The point is that we need to stress test it in every possible aspect, so that it
> becomes the *best* vm available (OK, there is a long way to go) . The message is
> make java really free, not sun's precious property ;-}

We are actually putting deprecated functions back in.
This one should be easy enough; simply call append().

> >
> > b) want to compile your run-time libs with the fastest compiler available.
> >    (Hopefully, this will soon be gcj)
> but for the moment it is jikes (at least in my opinion).

I admit I was confusing in my choice of words.
By "fast" I didn't mean the speed of the compiler (which I don't care about), 
but the speed of the code produced by the compiler.  Here, gcj will beat 
jikes for the simple reason that gcj produces native machine code while jikes 
produces java bytecode.
As far as compilers producing Java bytecode go, Sun's javac is your best
bet from my experience at this point.

	- Godmar

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