kaffeh incompatibility for cross environment

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Thu Mar 4 18:45:51 PST 1999

> I have no idea for the time being how to fix this problem, but
> anyway, I report this...
> When I use cross compilation, error occurs as below.
> /usr/bin/kaffeh -classpath ../../kaffe-snap/libraries/javalib/Klasses.jar -o java_lang_Throwable.h java/lang/Throwable
> Bad magic 7554db56 in class
> Oh! I installed Sun's java (/usr/bin/kaffeh comes from this) on
> this machine... Since the easiest way (and the only way I can hit
> upon) is first install self kaffe, whenever I need cross dev
> environment.

I'm not really clear on what you mean by Sun's java.  Since when does
Sun install a kaffeh in /usr/bin/kaffeh?

In any event, it looks more like the /usr/bin/kaffeh executable and/or
your Klasses.jar file is broken.

In order to cross-compile Kaffe, you need to have a kaffeh in your path
that runs on the build host, as explained in www.kaffe.org/porting.html

What am I missing here?

	- Godmar

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