[Kaffe] could this autogen script be added to kaffe?

John Pierce hawkfan at pyrotechnics.com
Tue Mar 9 21:04:55 PST 1999

After you do this the first time automake *should* run these as needed
when the appropriate files are changed.  This step could be listed in the
INSTALL file or "How to access kaffe's CVS repository" instructions.

As long as were on the topic of automake and friends, it might be wise for
CVS to ignore the generated files or -kb them because they usually create
conflicts or merge incorrectly when regenerated.  Perhaps for release
branches/tags they should be updated but for keeping up with day to day
development its a real PITA if you have local modifications to the build
system. Upon initial checkout the aclocal -I . ; autoheader ; ... sequence
would have to be run but that might even help steer people to the INSTALL
or README files ;)

Also, if there is to be such a script included, the -c option to automake
would be appreciated. When building across several machines from a shared
source directory, those symlinks are another PITA..  

automake-1.4 has a bug that incorrectly reports a successful copy as a
failure and vice versa.  Its a simple matter of removing the ! from the
system() call in automake to fix it.  This was reported long ago and is
fixed in the current automake CVS tree.

These are just suggestions based on a fair bit of experience with automake
and CVS integration.


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On Tue, 9 Mar 1999, Moses DeJong wrote:

> Hello.
> Could you guys add an autogen script to the main kaffe directory.
> This script will just run the each of the auto* programs in the
> correct order. I really hate having to remember the correct order
> to type in the commands.
> % cat autogen.sh 
> #!/bin/sh
> aclocal -I .
> autoheader
> automake --add-missing --verbose
> autoconf
> Thanks
> Mo DeJong
> dejong at cs.umn.edu

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