[Kaffe] could this autogen script be added to kaffe?

Pavel Roskin pavel_roskin at geocities.com
Tue Mar 9 23:02:55 PST 1999


> Could you guys add an autogen script to the main kaffe directory.
> This script will just run the each of the auto* programs in the
> correct order. I really hate having to remember the correct order
> to type in the commands.

First of all, you forgot that all this should also be run in `libltdl'
directory too.

Secondly, if any CVS user is supposed to run this script, there is no need
to keep 374273 bytes of 33 Makefile.in's as well as 2 `aclocal.m4' and
2 `configure' on CVS.
Keeping them on CVS creates additional problems while updating.

It looks like that Kaffe developers fight with makefiles rather than with
failing tests :-(
Lesstif syndrome :-(

Pavel Roskin

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