Progress is Good

Malcolm Walker csut9832 at
Fri Mar 12 09:37:44 PST 1999

A quick report from the slow-and-steady end of things...

Kaffe CVS version from March 10 config'd and compiled without a hitch on
linux-m68k (Mac SE/30) - with the exception that it takes about 6 hours.

I'm pleased to announce that .jar files are now working great.  Thanks,
guys.  Now I can do my labs on both VMs- we use the jgl3.1.0 libraries
(because my instructor like them... I'm not too keen on 'em, but they
work) and before I had to trick pizza / kaffe into finding them by
renaming jgl3.1.0.jar to and placing it in the same directory
as Klasses.jar.  Not a nice hack.

Today I am running make check.  It will take a while.  I'll report back
tonight with the fails.


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