Kaffe 1.0.b3 with EGCS 1.1.1 on an Alpha?

Alexandre Oliva oliva at dcc.unicamp.br
Wed Mar 17 00:08:11 PST 1999

On Mar 17, 1999, James Cook <jrc8337 at ksu.edu> wrote:

> When I attempt to build Kaffe 1.0.b3 on my alpha with EGCS 1.1.1, I get the following message:

> ./../gcc/caller-save.c:657: Internal compiler error in function insert_save_restore

Yup, it's a bug in both Kaffe and egcs.  The latest development
snapshots will compile the code, but it wouldn't work anyway.  The
latest snapshots work much better (i.e., you may even pass some tests :-)

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