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On Mar 24, 1999, John Berg <John.Berg at> wrote:

> Is there a way to figure out what the actual object's address is that the
> data is being moved to/from at that location?

It depends on the instruction.  For putfield/getfield, that are the
only ones that move to/from object fields, the address of the object
is on the stack, in rstack(0) for getfield and rstack(1) or rstack(2)
for putfield, depending on the number of slots taken by the value to
be written.  But rstack won't give you the actual address of the
object, just a stack slot.  That's because you'd only have an actual
address in the stack slot in the intrp engine; in the JIT engine, when
the code is translated all you know is that there's going to be an
object reference at that stack slot at that point.

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