Anyone using kaffe together with jserv?

Adam Messer amesser at
Wed May 12 13:56:19 PDT 1999

Hello Helge,

	I too am trying to get Kaffe working with jserv (and apache). I
even get as far as you. I get a message that says my JVM crashed 5
times and
then it gives up. Any ideas?

Adam Messer

>>> "Helge-Frank Zimpel" <Helge.Zimpel at> 05/11/99 08:06AM
Is anyone here using jserv together with kaffe?
I have the problem that the calculation of the content-length http-
header gets wrong. There are extra "\r" characters in the output 
when having line-breaks which aren't added to the value of the 
content-size http header. So the browser didn't stop loading the 
page because of the false calculated content-length header.
Has anybody the same problem? If not i would like to know in 
which environment (os, kaffe and jserv version) it works correctly.


Helge Zimpel

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