Anyone using kaffe together with jserv?

Adam Messer amesser at
Wed May 12 21:37:59 PDT 1999

Hi Kit,

	Thanks a lot for the information. That is a lot of help. Not
news, but a lot of help. I am using the latest betas of both Jserv and
(beta 4 in both cases). I the case of Jserv, I even had to grab the tip
as of
last Friday! I am doing research on clustered Java.

	By the way, tomorrow is my last day at Novell. If you make any
breakthroughs could you let my boss Randy Dukes know!!! Please! His
E-mail address is rdukes at Tell him I sent you, if you
BTW, how many kids do you have?? It isn't often I come across someone
who know TTFN!!!

Bye for now,
Adam Messer

>>> Kit McCormick <ktm at> 05/12/99 03:59PM >>>
On Wed, 12 May 1999, Adam Messer wrote:
>Hello Helge,
>	I too am trying to get Kaffe working with jserv (and apache). I
>even get as far as you. I get a message that says my JVM crashed 5
>times and
>then it gives up. Any ideas?
>Adam Messer

Yup.  The JVM is dying because it can't load some classes.  Kaffe's
is not 100% compatible with ever what was used to build the jserv jar
If you can get jserv's java files to compile with kaffe, you should be
good to
go.  You haven't got a prayer on kaffe 1.0b3 or earlier.  I have jserv
running with a post-1.0b3 snapshot of kaffe.  jserv 1.x contains a lot
java code, and i've just started hacking my way through the build.


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