Anyone using kaffe together with jserv?

Adam Messer amesser at
Wed May 12 21:44:41 PDT 1999

Hello Godmar,

	I have verified that JServ does work with Sun's JVM. I have
used both 2.1 and 2.1.1. I bet the problem is a configuration file
or a zero length JServ jar file. The later problem is described in
web page. For some reason the jar file in the JServ directory (I can't
remember the name) gets a length of zero. I compressed version of the
required jar file can be found on the JServ web site.

	As for the version, I am using Kaffe beta 4 (the latest) I am
sure which version the person who described the CR problem is using. I
have not been able to get far enough to test that problem!

God Luck,
Adam Messer

>>> Godmar Back <gback at> 05/12/99 04:01PM >>>

It would be nice if you could verify that the problem doesn't occur
with the JDK from Sun (somebody on this list pointed out that Sun's
JDK shows similar behavior, though it remains to be identified whether
is indeed the same problem).

Secondly, could you tell us what version of Kaffe you're using.
I remember that some bugs regarding line parsing and CRLF recognition
were fixed in the past.

Ideally, we could use a small test case that shows the differing

	- Godmar

> Is anyone here using jserv together with kaffe?
> I have the problem that the calculation of the content-length http-
> header gets wrong. There are extra "\r" characters in the output 
> when having line-breaks which aren't added to the value of the 
> content-size http header. So the browser didn't stop loading the 
> page because of the false calculated content-length header.
> Has anybody the same problem? If not i would like to know in 
> which environment (os, kaffe and jserv version) it works correctly.
> Thanks
> Helge Zimpel
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