How about -Wmissing-prototypes ?

Pavel Roskin pavel_roskin at
Thu May 13 01:46:04 PDT 1999


I'm currently investigating the unfortunate effect which the last changes
in java.lang.Class have had on jCVS. I'm affraid that such things will
happen in the future, unless function prototypes are made obligatory.

Kaffe's configure adds -Wstrict-prototypes to CFLAGS if gcc is used. This
is good, but is doesn't catch the situations, when there is no prototype
at all.

I suggest adding -Wmissing-prototypes to CFLAGS for gcc.
This will generate a lot of warnings right now, but it could be gradually

The first thing which need to be done, is addind java_lang_Class.h and
some other headers to NOINSTALL_DERIVED_HDRS in include/

Perhaps all the classes declaring native functions should be processed by

Then the sources should be adapted to use the new headers. This is a fair
amount of work, but is is worth doing IMHO.

At least for newly modified files it could be required to pass
-Wmissing-prototypes without warnings.

Pavel Roskin

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