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Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Fri May 14 01:49:56 PDT 1999

On May 11, 1999, Kris Bubendorfer <Kris.Bubendorfer at MCS.VUW.AC.NZ> wrote:

> I've tried compiling on a Sparc Solaris with little success.  Configure 
> completes, but seems to generate a bad MakeFile,

Actually, it seems that libtool configuration isn't capable of
figuring out a command to extract symbol lists from libraries, which
is quite weird, because it works for me on several releases of
Solaris/sparc, with various compilers and linkers :-(

Which release or snapshot of Kaffe are you using?  What do you get by

./libtool --config | grep '^global_symbol_pipe='

What are the lines just after `checking if global_symbol_pipe works'
in config.log?


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