libtool-enhanced testing on HP-PA

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Fri May 14 02:02:09 PDT 1999

On May 13, 1999, David Jones <dej at> wrote:

> I tried to build Kaffe on HPUX 10.20 on a PA8000 box.
> I get errors when I try to run it - the shared libraries are not found.

Which shared library isn't found?  Is it running in the build dir or
after install?  Which version/snapshot is that?  There were some
recent libtool tweaks for HPsUX (it really does! :-(, particularly for 
the dlopening mechanism, after release 1.0.b4, so a snapshot may be
worth a try.

> First of all, LD_LIBRARY_PATH does not so anything; you need to set

Yep, but it doens't matter.  Kaffe doesn't really look at
matters.  You'd still be able to arrange for libkaffevm (the only
library linked into Kaffe) to be found by tweaking LD_LIBRARY_PATH or
SHLIB_PATH, but SHLIB_PATH is not searched by default on HPsUX.  It
would only be searched if the +s switch was used when creating the
executable, but libtool doesn't use this switch, in order not the
change the system's default.  Since it hard-codes the correct search
paths into the executable, this shouldn't be a problem.

> Also, libraries end in .sl instead of .so.  The objects created do
> indeed end in .sl, but I'm not convinced that the system is looking
> for them properly.

It's supposed to be.  If you don't think so, check libltdl/config.h;
it should `#define LTDL_SHLIB_EXT ".sl"'

> Since HP-UX has neither working system call tracing (at least it doesn't work
> too well on our installation at work) or "ldd"

AFAIR, HPsUX's ldd is called chatr (sp?).

> I am at a loss as to how to continue, other than to build static.

If this worked, it would already be a good start :-)

> Has the HP version been tested since the integration of libtool?

Yep, but not with success so far :-(

Only two weeks ago someone spotted and fixed a bug in libltdl that
would prevent libltdl from minimally working on HP/UX.  It's reported
to be working now (in libtool 1.3), but I don't think anyone has tried
Kaffe snapshots after my last libtool import.  I'd appreciate any

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