Jar files in kaffe dir

Archie Cobbs archie at whistle.com
Sat Nov 13 10:05:02 PST 1999

Artur Biesiadowski writes:
> Anyway, back to subject. Is there any particular reason to specify .jar
> files that will be put into classpath from /usr/local/share/kaffe ?
> Couldn't just *.jar be used ? I suppose that has something to do with
> Klasses.jar being first, but it could be done anyway. Adding any
> packages to kaffe would be a easier and possible with rpm and friends.

You can customize kaffe to do anything you like with CLASSPATH
using /usr/local/share/kafferc and ${HOME}/.kafferc .. for example:

  # Add installed *.zip and *.jar to CLASSPATH
  AUTOZIPJAR=`find -s ${KAFFE_CLASSDIR} \( -name '*.jar' -o -name '*.zip' \) -a \! -name Klasses.jar -a \! -name kjc.jar -a \! -name classes.zip | awk '{ printf ":%s", $1 }'`

> Second question is if jdk like -cp option is available in kaffe ? It is
> way too much work to specify all default classpath to just add one
> reference. If there is no such option, will you accept the patch adding
> it ?



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