rmic and kaffe

Eric Gamess egamess at kanaima.ciens.ucv.ve
Tue Nov 16 15:32:46 PST 1999


I am trying to develop a RMI application with kaffe 1.0.5 on a Linux box.
I did a simple client/server application. When I try to generate the stubs
and skeletons with rmic, I have the following error:

rmic ServerImpl 
Kaffe: utf8const.c:204: utf8ConstRelease: Assertion `utf8->nrefs >= 1'

Can someone help me?

I look at the archive mailing lists at 
http://rufus.w3.org/tools/Kaffe/messages, but there is no correspondence
between the header of a message (the link) and the message.

Thank you very much.


Eric Gamess
Universidad Central de Venezuela
Postgrado de Ciencias de la Computacion
Caracas, Venezuela
E-mail: egamess at kanaima.ciens.ucv.ve
Tel: 605-22-93

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