More help needed in rgds to Cust Edition

Ganesh Sivaraman ganeshs at
Thu Nov 18 06:36:51 PST 1999

Hi again,

In continuation to the prv mail.

I was going through and came across the file which i have attached to this
mail. Is the biss awt included in the Custom edition? What all are
required for the Custom edition to work?

As u have listed in the attached file could you please list out what all
additional things are required for the AWT based applications to run using
the frambuffer.

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KAFFE v0.9.2 - A JIT and interpreting virtual machine to run Java(tm)* code

		*** Kaffe is now JDK 1.1.2 compliant ***

Kaffe is a virtual machine design to execute Java bytecode.
This machine can be configured in two modes.  In one mode it operates as
a pure bytecode interpreter (not unlike Javasoft's machine); in the second
mode if performs "just-in-time" code conversion from the abstract code to
the host machine's native code.  This will ultimately allow execution of
Java code at the same speed as standard compiled code but while maintaining
the advantages and flexibility of code independence.

New Features

This version of Kaffe has the following new features:

 * Kaffe is now JDK 1.1.3 compliant !

 * Improved memory efficiency when allocating object.

 * Improvements to GC.
 * Alpha port partially fixed ... still lots of problems though. 
 * Lots of bug fixes (see Changelog)


Kaffe will run on the following platforms ('J' indicates 'just-in-time'
support, 'I' indicates 'interpreter' support):

  uProc     | Mode |    Systems
  i386      | J+I  |    FreeBSD 2.x +   Unixware        NetBSD 1.x
            |      |    Solaris 2.x     BSDI 2.x        Linux 2.0.0 +
            |      |    SCO 3.2v5       NeXTStep 3.x    Windows '95
            |      |    DG/UX           OpenBSD 2.x     OpenStep 4.x
            |      |    QNX 4.x
  Sparc     | J+I  |    SunOS 4.x       Solaris 2.x     NetBSD 1.x
            |      |    NeXTStep 3.x    Linux           Fujitsu UXP/DS
            |      |    BSDI 3.x
  Alpha     | J+I  |    Linux           OSF/1 		NetBDS 1.x
  M68K      | J+I  |    AmigaOS         NeXTStep 3.x    NetBSD 1.x
            |      |    SunOS 4.x       Linux           AUX
            |      |    OpenBSD 2.x
  PowerPC   | I    |    MkLinux         MachTen 4.0.3   AIX
  MIPS      | I    |    IRIX 5 & 6      NetBSD 1.x
  PARISC    | I    |    HPUX 10.x
  StrongARM | I    |    RiscIX          (work-in-progress)

I encourage people to make ports to other platforms and to feed them back
to me.  I would recommend that initial ports concentrate on the interpreter.
These can then be used as the basis for developing JIT versions for these

The sources for Kaffe can be found at the following location:


What you need

For a Kaffe system you need the following parts:

 kaffe-0.9.2.tgz			Virtual machine and all bits
					provided by	Sun's class libraries.

These two are are the minimum to get something useful working (you might
already have the classes libraries from JDK 1.1.2; if so don't bother to
get them again).

If you want to use graphics you'll need one of the following:	AWT graphics support.

Uncompress and untar these archives into the same directory, configure,
make and install.


Tim Wilkinson
<tim at>
* Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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