native and internal threads

Jaime Garcia Reinoso jaiga at
Tue Nov 23 15:04:56 PST 1999

    I am porting kaffe to a new platform (pSOS-PowerPC860).  Now, I have
to compile it.  But in the first step, I don't want to use a native
threads (a later work).  Michael Barr wrote:
" Kaffe has its own internal threads package. In other words, it
maintains its own thread-specific data structures and performs
scheduling and context switching at the appropriate times. This
functionality is separate from and invisible to the underlying operating
system (if any)."
But he was talking about the old versions of Kaffe.  Is this true now?
Can I work with the internal threads (OS independent threads)?  (Looking
in the source code I think it's possible, but..)

What I have to do to compile my kaffe with internal threads support??

Thank you.

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