native and internal threads

Patrick Tullmann tullmann at
Wed Nov 24 11:29:55 PST 1999

> Hi,
>     I am porting kaffe to a new platform (pSOS-PowerPC860).  Now, I have
> to compile it.  But in the first step, I don't want to use a native
> threads (a later work).  

Look in the FAQ directory at ... hmm, I could of sworn there was a
FAQ.porting file...  Anyway, I know Godmar wrote one a while ago with
a short set of steps to port Kaffe to a new platform.   You might
search the archive.  (If you could turn that mail into a FAQ, that'd
be nice, too).

Kaffe's user-mode threading system is called "unix-jthreads".  It is
the default when configuring Kaffe.  The available thread packages are
the directories in kaffe/kaffevm/systems/ (each directory is one

Look at FAQ/FAQ.jsignal for a bit about how the jthreads system works
and what it requires from your OS in terms of signal handling and


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