Bugfixing works

Godmar Back gback at cs.utah.edu
Mon Nov 29 23:18:35 PST 1999

 If nobody reports a bug, either by sending mail to the list or
submitting them to the bug database at www.kaffe.org, it certainly
won't be fixed.    Ideally, include a test case or point at an
application that doesn't work.

If the bug is reported, there's no guarantee that it will be fixed either.
As with all open source projects (almost) everybody is welcome to 
contribute, and unless you pay somebody to do something, don't expect

	- Godmar

>   I'm anew in the list so please be patient.
> I wonder if bugfixing works are still exist. I see kaffe developing fast
> and even 1.0 - level is already reached. But as I see many of apps aren't
> working on kaffe. =(
> Any comments?
> Ildar Mulyukov, student of DACR, MIPT (Moscow, Russia)
> e-mail: ildar at chat.ru, ICQ# 4334029

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