problem in kaffe jit code debugging using gdb

Archie Cobbs archie at
Sun Oct 3 11:25:19 PDT 1999

Veeral Shah writes:
>    Nature Of Problem :  Unable to debug Kaffe JIt with gdb/jdb..

Hm.. this problem must be specific to your platform (which is..?)

> (gdb) run
>     /sarva/me/98/csashah/kaffe/libexec/Kaffe
> Kaffe Str
> Could not initialize Kaffe.
> It's likely that your CLASSPATH settings are wrong.  Please make sure
> your CLASSPATH does not include any java.lang.* classes from other JVM
> vendors, such as Sun's, BEFORE Kaffe's Klasses.jar.
> It is okay to have AFTER Klasses.jar
> The current effective classpath is
> `.:/usr/pubpkg/java/jdk1.1.1/lib/'

This is obviously wrong-- you're picking up the JDK classfiles.

Make sure your ".cshrc" or ".profile" doesn't reset CLASSPATH;
as gdb reads these files when it starts up a process.


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