problem in kaffe jit code debugging using gdb

Veeral Shah veerals at
Sun Oct 3 05:17:01 PDT 1999


   Nature Of Problem :  Unable to debug Kaffe JIt with gdb/jdb..

    As suggested I re configured kaffe with below command

bash>./configure  --enable-debug --without-x
--prefix=/sarva/me/98/csashah/kaffe --enable-ltdl       -convenience
--with-engine=jit --with-timing
bash>./gmake install

  my BUILD_ENVIRONMENT file has following settings .I always source
JAVA=/sarva/me/98/csashah/caffe/kaffe-1.0b4/kaffe/kaffe/Kaffe; export

  I then tried to run gdb but it says that (my .gdbinit also is set ..)
"/sarva/me/98/csashah/kaffe/bin/Kaffe": not in executable format: File
format not recognized

-  Then i tried to run jdb ..It didnt crib like above but says Kaffe
could not be initialised 
   It dumps like below ..And with the following error ..

(gdb) run
Kaffe Str

Could not initialize Kaffe.

It's likely that your CLASSPATH settings are wrong.  Please make sure
your CLASSPATH does not include any java.lang.* classes from other JVM
vendors, such as Sun's, BEFORE Kaffe's Klasses.jar.
It is okay to have AFTER Klasses.jar

The current effective classpath is
My classpath settings on echo $CLASSPATH shows no library 
from Sun...

Can any one tell me what is going wrong ..

   Any feedback would be  a great help....

Thanks in Advance

> Veeral Shah writes:
> > I am trying to debug the Kaffe jit code on sparc machine using gdb .But
> > the gdb cribs that the executable(Kaffe)format is not recognised.The
> > executable doesnt crib while running alone.
> >   I have given -g option (though $CFLAGS takes care of that option )as
> > well as enabled the DDEBUG option in the makefiles but still i am not
> > able to make out where lies the problem.I am sure that I am missing
> > something in setting the proper options..
> >   I would be really thankful if someone guides me on where could lie the
> > problem.
> This doesn't answer your question, but FYI there is an easier way
> to do debugging with kaffe (recent CVS)..
>   1. Configure kaffe "--enable-debug"
>   2. Compile and install
>   3. Set environment variable "KAFFE_DEBUG" to "gdb"
> Then you will automatically run gdb with the proper arguments, etc.
> See also developers/gdbinit.
> -Archie
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> Archie Cobbs   *   Whistle Communications, Inc.  *

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